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Club 71 – a gathering place for those who are passionate about a healthy lifestyle. A space where you can exercise, get in shape, relax and rejuvenate. Our goal is to cherish and support the most valuable thing of all – your health – and to share our experience with you.

Healthiness is a complex notion that combines physical, emotional and mental health. Our team has developed a modern concept with an individualized and multifaceted approach that includes reducing bad eating habits, achieving best physical condition with the help of fitness trainers and spa therapists, and activating the body to its maximum, which, in turn, is the most effective and consistent method for ultimate body health.


Club 71 packages

Healthy Lifestyle Coach

Our Healthy Lifestyle Coach – Endocrinologist-Nutritionist will assess your health based on anamnestic and laboratory data. We believe that together we can achieve healthiness, by developing the right eating and fitness habits.

Why nutritional therapy?

Our health depends a lot on the correct functioning of our digestive system. Excess/low weight, food intolerance, bloating, lack of energy, sleep disorders – this is just a short list of problems related to digestion found in society today. Nutrition therapy will help you learn how to choose and incorporate a diet that is specifically tailored to your needs into your daily life, to improve your metabolism and promote detoxification.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy

Our professional fitness coaches (athletes, dancers, instructors) know how to draft an individual fitness plan tailored to you in order to protect you from any possible injuries and help you to achieve the best results.

Physical activities

You can select from numerous physical activities at Club 71:
Swimming – anti-stress, the physical intensity of which is dictated by your own inner pace;
Yoga – for boosting body, mind and mental health;
Pilates – a complex workout system aimed at strengthening and toning the whole body;
Aerobics – a group-based fun workout that will tone your body;
Aqua aerobics – the best workout for individuals that have been advised not to put too much strain on bones and joints;
Spinning – a cycling workout accompanied by energetic music, best for cardio stimulation and cardiovascular health;
Indoor climbing – a workout requiring mental engagement that will tone even the most inactive muscles of your body;
Children’s swimming pool ‘Pico’ – encourage your children to manage their health properly from an early age. The Club 71 coaches and professional carers will ensure your children’s safety and comfort.

Spa therapy

Spa therapy

Your skin is a reflection of your inner condition. High quality natural products recognised in leading countries worldwide restore and rejuvenate your body and face through various procedures.

LPG – a 100% natural procedure for face and body - awakening dormant cells by mechanical treatment which works on layers of fat and lymphatic drainage. For maximum effect, our experienced therapists individually select the duration of the course.

UCW – a powerful detox for stimulating loose skin, toning muscles and for body detox. One procedure equals several days of working out.

Devote more time to yourself; let experienced therapists help you to de-stress your body and achieve the shape you want. The calm and aromatic environment will take you away from your everyday routine to a world of relaxation.

Thermal Spa
Finnish Sauna – unbeatable after an intense workout, it relieves muscle tension and stress, enhancing the functioning of both the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.
Steam Aroma Sauna – boosts metabolism and skin structure, relieves tension, releases toxins from the body and enhances body flexibility.

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