BCV – Business Center at Vazha-Pshavela Ave.

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Business Center at Vazha-pshavela ave.

BCV - Business Center at Vajha-Pshavela is the first completed complex of „Redix Group“, which opened in 2008. It comprises fully renovated apartments, as well as offices and commercial spaces.

BCV - a multifunctional complex with a complete independent infrastructure featuring facilities for daily use - a café, a supermarket and a fitness center.

One of the main advantages of the business center is its optimal location. The complex is located only 20 meters from the underground station and is easily accessible for both pedestrians, cars and public transport.

Technical Specifications


  • 12000 Sq.m; 
  • Underground parking;
  • Generating system;
  • Water reservoir
  • HVAS system (central heating / cooling / air conditioning);
  • Security systems
  • OTIS lifts;
  • Technical team services
  • Office manager service.

  • Soft floor; 
  • Suspended ceiling (gypsum board / Armstrong);
  • Gypsum-cardboard inner partitions, laminated;
  • MDF interior doors; 
  • Soundproof exterior door and window;
  • Bathrooms and kitchen with ceramic tiles.

Available spaces

Available spaces

Modern and innovative materials, provided by leading European companies, enables optimal space planning and practical use, adjusted to the client's needs.

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