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Chavchavadze 64

CH64 - A step forward in the local real estate market. „Redix“, one of the first, to deliver the
highest quality, NFPA accredited with international standards and energy efficient A Class
Business Centre. Exquisite exterior with natural clay tiles facing glass facade, which naturally
blends in with the facade of the Hilton Garden Inn, best location and all the details of a modern
business center improves productivity, creates incentives and the best conditions for the most
successful implementation of any job. Currently, CH64 office spaces are used by international
organizations and representatives of diplomatic corps.

The more comfortable your workspace is, the more successful your business is!


Perfection is in details! The façade and interior of the building, all the fine details are designed to create the best workspace.

Technical Specifications

  • CH64 Office Space - 13 400 sq.m;
  • CH64 Commercial space - 124.88 sq.m;
  • 4-storey underground car park;
  • NFPA and HVAC (ASHRIA) Fire and Safety Systems adjusted to International Standard;
  • Generating system;
  • Water reservoir;
  • HVAS system (central heating / cooling / air conditioning);
  • KONE lifts;
  • Technical team services;
  • Office Manager Services

Repair Works

  • Soft floor;
  • Suspended ceiling (gypsum-cardboard / Armstrong);
  • Gypsum-cardboard inner partitions, laminated;
  • MDF interior doors;
  • Soundproof exterior door and window;
  • Bathrooms and kitchen with ceramic tiles.

Available spaces


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